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#3 2011 Online TV Software: iSatelliteLink 145.95 (Now $39.95 Special Sale)

iSatellite Link is another new online TV service and is also one of the most advanced ever. With iSatellite Link, customers receive 3,600 HD channels from hundreds of different countries. As a bonus, it also comes with a free Gold Member subscription to Movies Capital, the world biggest online movie website. Also,  iSatellite Link comes with a free all-in-one media converter to convert your favorite shows and movies to files to put on places such as an iPod or another or portable device. We consider Satellite PC Pro the best TV to PC product but if you are not looking to spend that full amount, iSatellite Link is currently available for less for a limited time.  This TV to PC software is very easy to download and works well with Windows operating systems. The only main requirement is a stable internet connection to watch TV online with.

Overall, this is one of the best all around TV to PC softwares. The only reason this internet TV system did not rank #1 is because our team found that the quality of channels were slightly less than our number 1 choice. Also, the time it takes the channel to load is a few seconds more than our number one option. Overall iSatellite Link is an amazing online TV service with plenty of bonuses for customers.

Customers Receive:

+Lifetime Membership for a one time payment

+Live Sports, News, Comedy, and more. All major TV networks online

+60 Day Money Back Guarantee

+Ease to sort through channels

+Bonus Gold subscription to Movies Capital, the largest movie download site.

+Special all-in-one media converter to portable devices

Overall Rating 89/100

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  1. dan molloy

    just got isatellite link and it is the best! keep up the good reviews

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